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Useful Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Part of the Windows 7 For Seniors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using keyboard shortcuts while working in Windows 7 minimizes keystrokes and saves time. Many of the following shortcuts work in any Windows 7 program or document, although a few apply only to specific circumstances, as noted:

Keys Action
Ctrl+A Selects all text or objects in a document or window
Ctrl+C Copies the selected text or objects to the Clipboard
Ctrl+X Cuts (removes) the selected text or objects to the Clipboard
Ctrl+V Pastes text or objects from the Clipboard to the cursor location
Ctrl+Z Undoes the most recent action
Ctrl+S Saves the current document
Win (the Windows logo key) Opens the Start menu
Win+D Displays the desktop (minimizes all windows); repeat keystroke to restore open windows
Win+E Opens Windows Explorer on the Computer
Win+G Displays desktop gadgets on top of open windows
Win+X Opens the Windows Mobility Center on laptops
Win+Tab or Alt+Tab Switch between open applications
F11 Display window full-screen (not all applications)
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