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After you have found the slope of a function, you can use the TI-Nspire Measurement tool to enhance a slope problem. Before you try this, you might need to clean up your screen.

Sometimes the screen gets too cluttered. When this happens, take the following steps:

  1. Move your cursor so that it is hovering over either axis. Right-click ([CTRL][MENU]) and choose Hide/Show→Hide Grid.

  2. Right-click either axis again and choose Attributes. Hide the tic mark labels and then hide the end values.

Here’s how you can measure the rise and run:

  1. Press [MENU]→Measurement→Length to access the Measurement (Length) tool.

  2. Position the cursor on the rise or run segment and press [CLICK].

  3. Move the ghosted measurement to the middle of the segment. Press [ENTER] to drop it in place. Measure the other segment the same way.

  4. Press [ESC] to exit the Measurement (Length) tool.

The first screen shows the length measurements.


Here, a calculation is used to measure the slope. Did you notice an easier way? Using the Measurement tool to measure the slope would have saved time. On the TI-Nspire (just like a computer), you usually have more than one way to accomplish something.

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