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You can stay involved in your LinkedIn network's activity and keep current on your connections' new jobs, achievements, honors, and other news by reading and responding to their status updates. When you're ready to review people's status updates, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account. From your home page, scroll down to see the different updates from your connections.

    You see status updates that share articles or information, such as the updates shown in the following figure.

    Interact with your connections through their status updates.
    Interact with your connections through their status updates.
  2. Click Like below a status update that you, well, actually like.

    Just as with Facebook, LinkedIn has a count of the number of people who clicked Like for that update, giving the original poster an idea of the effectiveness of that update.

  3. Click Comment (or start typing in the Comment box provided) to provide a comment to that update.

    The previous figure shows an article that has received two comments.

    LinkedIn offers you the chance to "mention" others in your updates or comments. When you want to mention (or "link") to someone, just start typing your name, and then click the person's name from the list that appears (see the following figure) to create that mention. That person is notified that she was mentioned, similar to how you can tag someone in a Facebook update.

    Mention other people in your LinkedIn updates or comments.
    Mention other people in your LinkedIn updates or comments.
  4. Click the Share link to share that update with your network or with specific individual contacts.

    When you do that, you should see a pop-up box like the one shown in the next figure. Select the Share an Update check box to add your comment to the link in that update; select the Post to Groups check box to post that update to a group you belong to; or select the Send to Individuals check box to send that update, as a message, to any of your first-degree connections. After you select your options, click the blue Share button to send out that update.

    Share LinkedIn updates with your network or groups.
    Share LinkedIn updates with your network or groups.
  5. Repeat the process with any other updates that interest you.

    Some updates offer you the chance to connect with someone's new connection or view a Company page that one of your connections is following. These updates also notify you when someone has updated his profile, added skills or experience, or started a discussion in a LinkedIn Group.

Paying regular attention to the information in the network updates section gives you a good idea of what your professional network is doing at any given time, which can be valuable when it's time for you to reach out to that network. This gives you a great opportunity for regular networking to express congratulations and acknowledge others' achievements.

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