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Use a Program to Display a Graph on the TI-84 Plus

You can use a program for the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator to display a graph. When the Input command isn’t followed by a variable name, it graphs the functions that are turned on in the Y= editor.

An example of a program that uses the Input command to graph functions appears in the first picture. In this program, the PlotsOff command turns off all stat plots and the FnOff command turns off all functions in the Y= editor. The FnOn 1,2 command turns on the first two functions in the Y= editor so that only these two functions are graphed.


The ZStandard command tells the calculator to graph these two functions in the standard viewing window where




The Input command, because it isn’t followed be a variable, tells the calculator to graph these two functions.

When the program in the first picture reaches the Input command, it displays the graph of the first two functions housed in the Y= editor, places the free moving cursor at the center of the graph, and displays the coordinates of the cursor, provided that CoordOn is selected in the Format menu. You can use


to move the cursor, but it doesn’t trace the graph in this program, as in the second picture.

After a program graphs functions using the Input command, the program user will see a moving, broken vertical line in the upper-right corner of the graph. This indicates that the program user must press [ENTER] in order to tell the program that he or she is finished looking at the graph.

If you don’t think that the program user will realize that he or she must do so, then before the Input command, have your program tell the user to press [ENTER] after viewing the graph.

When a program user presses [ENTER] after viewing the graphs displayed by the Input command, control will be returned to the program. If the Input command was the last command in the program, then control will be returned to the calculator where the user can, if desired, investigate the graph.

If the Input command was not the last command in the program, then the program will continue by executing the next command in the program. In the program shown, when the program user presses [ENTER] after viewing the graph, the program calls and executes program WHATEVER.

Commands such as PlotsOff, FnOff, and ZStandard can be entered in your program from the Catalog menu.

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