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Units of Measure for Electronics and More

Part of the Electronics For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

These units of measure are used in many different areas, not just electronics. Note that in science and engineering, though, an upper case 'M' represents a million and a lower case 'm' represents a millionth.

Number Name Scientific Notation Prefix Abbreviation
1,000,000,000 1 billion 109 giga G
1,000,000 1 million 106 mega M
1,000 1 thousand 103 kilo k
100 1 hundred 102
10 ten 101
1 1 100
0.1 tenth 10–1
0.01 hundredth 10–2
0.001 thousandth 10–3 milli m
0.000001 millionth 10–6 micro µ
0.000000001 billionth 10–9 nano n
0.000000000001 trillionth 10–12 pico p
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Electronics For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)


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