Before you can uninstall or change an app, you need to select its tile on the Start screen of your Surface. Oddly enough, selecting an app’s Start screen tile is a task rarely stumbled upon on your own. So, here’s the secret:

To select an app on the Start screen, hold your finger down on its icon until the App bar appears along the bottom.

After you select an app, a check mark appears in the app’s top-right corner, like the Bing Travel app.


The App bar also appears along the bottom, listing everything you can do with your newly selected app.

  • To uninstall an app, tap the Uninstall button from the App bar.

  • You can also uninstall apps that came pre-installed on your Surface. If you’re not using one of your Surface’s bundled apps, feel free to uninstall it. (It can always be reinstalled from the Windows Store.)

  • App bar icons also let you change the size of an app’s tile, start or stop the app’s live updates, or unpin (remove) the app from the Start screen.

  • Selecting the Start screen tile of a traditional Windows desktop program brings a slightly different set of icons to the App bar. You can open the program in a new desktop window, pin it to the desktop’s taskbar, or view its location in the desktop’s File Explorer program.

  • The Windows 8.1 Spring Update, released through Windows Update in April, lets you pin Start screen apps to the desktop’s taskbar, making them easy to access without a trip to the Start screen.

  • You can select more than one app at a time, which is handy when weeding out a batch of unwanted tiles from the Start screen.