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If you right-click or swipe on the main screen of the Windows 8.1 Metro Bing Food & Drink app, you see an array of icons like the one shown.


The Metro Bing Food & Drink app makes it easy to look up recipes from a rather small database. You might get a big kick out of the recipe for Thai Steamed Red Snapper Fillets with Brown Rice and Thai Sauce. (Thailand doesn’t have red snapper — but never mind.)

There’s a hands-free mode available on each recipe that lets you leaf through the pages by voice command.

Similarly, the Metro Bing Health & Fitness app, which has icons like the ones shown.


The 3D Human Body section of the app is quite useful and interesting. From Healthline Networks, Inc., the rotatable (but not zoomable or pinchable) 3D rendering is quite impressive. The free Google 3D Human Body Browser does a lot more, however.

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