Create an emotional tie-in to link the sales prospect with your product. Build a mental image (stirring your sales prospect's emotions) that shows how the product can benefit his or her life. Carefully chosen words and phrases can turn everyday product features into life-changing benefits. The chart shows a few examples of how that technique works.

Benefit How You Tout Benefit
Cheaper “A more economical value for your money.”
Green “A relaxing shade of color that will blend nicely with the rest of your furniture.”
Faster “Will give you more free time.”
Better quality copies “Enhance your professional image.”
More miles per gallon “Generates income back to you with real savings in reduced fuel consumption.”
Security “Sleep better with true peace of mind.”
Swimming pool ”Think of the fun memories you’ll build with your family enjoying the cool waters together.”
Barbecue grill “Can’t you just smell the steaks sizzling as you enjoy a relaxing dinner in the great outdoors?”