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If your Google Glass is having some trouble with a Wi-Fi connection or with your Bluetooth devices, here are some solutions to try for different situations.

Wi-Fi worries

If your Wi-Fi connection isn’t working, you can forget it by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Settings card in the timeline.

  2. In the Settings screen, open the Options menu by tapping the touchpad.

  3. Choose Forget Connection from the menu.

    Glass immediately forgets the connection so that you can add the Wi-Fi connection again or try another one.

Bluetooth bummers

If your Glass is telling you that you made that left turn in Albuquerque and now you’re in Los Angeles when you’re actually in a bullfighting ring, the Bluetooth connection with your smartphone isn’t working correctly. You can apply any of three potential remedies:

  • On your smartphone, turn Bluetooth off. When Glass tells you that the Bluetooth connection is forgotten, you can reestablish the connection with your smartphone.

  • Turn off your smartphone and then turn it back on. When you turn off the phone, you immediately lose the Bluetooth connection, but the smartphone will find the Glass Bluetooth connection after you turn it back on.

  • If you’re using the MyGlass app on your smartphone, quit the app and then restart it.

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