While creating a Microsoft Office Excel 2007 worksheet, you may decide to change the data structure so that the row headings appear as column headings, or vice versa. Excel 2007 provides the Transpose command to simplify this procedure. Follow these steps to transpose data in Excel 2007:


Select the cells you want to transpose.

You can select data contained in a row, column, or a block of data.


Click the Copy command button in the Clipboard group of the Home tab.

The Transpose feature will not work if you choose Cut instead of Copy.


Click the cell where you want the transposed cells to begin.

Keep in mind that any data you paste here will automatically overwrite the data that is currently there.


Click the down arrow below the Paste command button on the Home tab.

A menu of options appears.


Choose Transpose.

Excel copies the selected cells into the new area, transposing rows into columns or columns into rows.