You can save time working with Quicken 2014 by using and memorizing the keyboard shortcuts listed in the following table. Although learning to use Quicken keyboard shortcuts requires memorization work upfront, the effort usually pays back rich dividends in data entry time savings.

Shortcut Why You Want to Remember This
Ctrl+S Displays the Split Transaction window (so that you can use more than one category to describe a payment or deposit).
Shift+Delete Cuts out the selected text in a field and moves it to the Windows Clipboard (so that you can paste it into some other field).
Ctrl+Insert Copies the selected text in a field to the Windows Clipboard (so that you can paste it into some other field).
Shift+Insert Pastes what's on the Clipboard into the selected field.
Ctrl+P Prints the contents of the active window. (Well, almost always.)
F1 For those times when you just have to say, “Aaagh! Help! Help!”
F11 Maximizes register view.
Ctrl+O Lets you open another Quicken data file.
Ctrl+G Go to date.
Ctrl+K Displays the financial calendar.
Ctrl+B Puts you on the fast track to backing up your data.
Ctrl+A Displays the Accounts List window.
Ctrl+W Displays the Write Checks window.
Ctrl+L Displays the tag list.
Ctrl+T Displays the memorized Payees list.
Ctrl+J Displays the scheduled transactions list.
Ctrl+U Displays the Portfolio View window.
Ctrl+V Allows you to void a transaction.
Ctrl+Y Displays the security list.
Ctrl+H Displays the Find and Replace window.