TI-83 Plus Window Editor in Polar Mode

You must set several variables in the Window editor of the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator when the calculator is in Polar mode. The following gives an explanation of the variables that you must set in this editor:


  • This setting contains the first value of the independent variable


    that the calculator will use to evaluate all polar equations in the Y= editor. It can be set equal to any real number.

    image2.jpg image3.png
  • This setting contains the largest value of the independent variable


    that you want the calculator to use to evaluate all polar equations in the Y= editor. It can be set equal to any real number.


    is usually set equal to


    However, there are occasions when you may want to set it equal to a larger number.


    is entered into the calculator by pressing [2nd][^].

    image8.jpg image9.png
  • This setting tells the calculator how to increment the independent variable

  • as it evaluates the polar equations in the Y= editor and graphs the corresponding points.


    must be a positive real number.

    You want


    to be a small number like


    but you don’t want it to be too small like 0.001. If


    is too small, it will take a few minutes for the calculator to produce the graph. And if


    is a large number like 1, the calculator may not graph enough points to show you the true shape of the curve.

    If it’s taking a long time for the calculator to graph your polar equations, and you start to regret that very small number you placed in


    press [ON] to terminate the graphing process. You can then go back to the Window editor and adjust the



The remaining items in the Window editor deal with setting a viewing window for the graph.

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