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If there is too much text to fit in an Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 text box, you can “thread” or flow text across several individual Flash text boxes at once.

Typing or pasting too much text creates an overrun, indicated by a red plus sign in the out port of the text box. Add a second text box and thread it to the first so that any text that overruns the first box automatically appears in the second:

  1. On the same layer and with the Text tool selected, click the stage to deselect the first text box and then click and drag to draw a second text box somewhere next to it.

  2. Use the bounding box handles to adjust the size of this new box on the stage.

  3. Click the first text box on the stage to make it active, and click the out port directly (where the red plus sign appears).

    The icon changes shape to indicate that you’re carrying overrun text from that box.

  4. Hover over the new box you created, and click it to make it active.

    A line appears between the two boxes, and the overrun text from the first box continues into the second. The two boxes are now threaded.

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