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The Role of Anchors and Focuses in Samsung SmartTV Application Development

Anchor elements are often used to navigate between HTML pages in a web service. However, anchors are used for a somewhat different purpose in a general SmartTV application. An anchor is capable of focusing an element in addition to navigating among pages using the href property. This property is often used in SmartTV applications to control scenes.

In a SmartTV application, HTML/JavaScript focus is used to select and mark one of several items simultaneously displayed on the screen. Try to recall using remote control directional keys (up/down/left/right) to focus different items on a SmartTV or a set-top box type IPTV service, in which the OK key activates the focused content.

Anchors and focuses are the fundamental tools of controlling a Samsung SmartTV application using a remote controller. Gesture Recognition has been added recently to allow more freedom in moving focus and selecting content with hand movement.

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