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The Recent Comments Module on the WordPress Dashboard

The Recent Comments module on the WordPress Dashboard is one of several modules. the Recent Comments module provides information about comments and managing them. Within this module, you find

  • Most recent comments published to your blog: WordPress displays a maximum of five comments in this area.

  • The author of each comment: The name of the person who left the comment appears above it. This section also displays the author’s picture (or avatar), if she has one.

  • A link to the post the comment was left on: The post title appears to the right of the commenter’s name. Click the link and you go to that post on the Dashboard.

  • An excerpt of the comment: This is a snippet of the comment this person left on your blog.

  • Comment management links: When you hover over the comment with your mouse cursor, five links appear underneath the comment. These links give you the opportunity to manage those comments right from your Dashboard: The first link is Unapprove, which appears only if you have comment moderation turned on. The other four links are Reply, Edit, Spam, and Trash.

  • View links: These links appear at the bottom of the Recent Comments module, where you can click All, Pending, Approved, Spam, and Trash.

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