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The Photoshop Elements 10 Image Window

Make sure that you have an image loaded into the image window within Photoshop Elements 10. Here’s a quick look at important tools and features in the image window.

  • Filename. Appears above the image window for each file open in the Editor.

  • Close button. Click the X to the right of the filename to close the file. (On the Macintosh, click the red far-left button.)

  • Scroll bars. Become active when you zoom in on an image. You can click the scroll arrows, move the scroll bar, or grab the Hand tool in the Tools panel and drag within the window to move the image.

  • Magnification box. Shows you at a glance how much you’ve zoomed in or out.

  • Information box. Shows you a readout for a particular tidbit of information. You can choose what information you want to see in this area by selecting one of the options from the pop-up menu.

    When you’re working on an image in Elements, you always want to know the physical image size, the image resolution, and the color mode. Regardless of which menu option you select from the status bar, you can get a quick glimpse at these essential stats by clicking the Information box, which displays a pop-up menu like the one shown here.

  • Size box. Enables you to resize the window. If you move the cursor to the box, a diagonal line with two opposing arrows appears. When the cursor changes, drag in or out to size the window smaller or larger, respectively.

    You can also resize the window by dragging any corner in or out (Windows).

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