The Nexus 7 features navigation icons at the bottom of the touchscreen. You use the icons to manipulate apps or to control the Nexus 7.


In addition to the icons, other buttons festoon the screen, not always available but providing a solid consistency among the various apps. These buttons are explained here:

Button Name Description
Add Add or create a new item. The plus symbol may be used in combination with other symbols, depending on the app.
Close This icon is used to close a window or clear text from an input field.
Dictation Use your voice to dictate text. On the Home screen dictation is used with the Google Search function.
Edit Touch to edit an item, to add text, or fill in fields.
Expand Enlarge the app to fill the screen.
Favorite Touch the Favorite icon to flag a favorite item, such as a contact or web page.
Menu This icon displays the menu for an app. It’s often found in the upper-right corner of the screen, though occasionally it shows up in the lower-right corner.
More This teensy icon appears in the lower-right corner of a button. Touching the icon displays a pop-up menu.
Refresh Touch this icon to fetch new information or to reload.
Search Search the Nexus 7 or the Internet for some tidbit of information.
Settings This Settings icon is used to adjust options for an app.
Share The Share icon allows you to share information stored on the tablet via e-mail, social networking, or other Internet services.
Sync Touch this icon to synchronize information, such as updating data shared on the Internet.