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The Luminous Landscape Web Site

The Luminous Landscape is the Web site devoted to digital photography of landscape and nature. Amazingly comprehensive, this site has a ton of digital photography information, articles, tutorials, product reviews, and photographs. The Luminous Landscape (see this figure for the main page) has everything you’d want to know about nature photography but goes far beyond that. Here are some of the features to check out:

  • Locations: The descriptions of prime shooting locations for nature photography help you find new places to take photos.

  • Tutorial: This series covers digital workflow, pinhole photography, high dynamic range photography, and other topics.

  • Understanding Series: The site’s Understanding series of articles covers everything from digital camera viewfinders and how they work to sensor cleaning.

  • Workshops: You can find lists of workshops occurring around the world. (China, Africa, Antarctica, Ireland, and Iceland are just a few destinations where these workshops have been held in the past.)

  • Everything else: Oh yeah — and don’t miss the essays, regular columns, and hundreds of product reviews on cameras, tripods, and other essentials.

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