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The Google Glass Device Info Card

When you’re in the Glass Settings screen, you can get more information about the device by tapping the Settings card bundle and then tapping the Device Info card.



Glass contains 16GB of storage space, 12GB of which is allocated for pictures, video, and other timeline attachments. If you have a Google+ account, your photos and video are automatically synced with your Google+ Auto Backup folder.

You can get more information about the Google+ Auto Backup folder, including how to turn the folder on and off and how many files you can back up to the folder, at Google Support.

Operating system

The bottom of the Device Info card shows the current version of the Glass operating system that’s running. It also indicates whether an operating-system update is available. The next time you plug Glass into the charger, it downloads and installs any operating-system update, even if you don’t check to see whether an update is available.

All Glass updates are downloaded through your Wi-Fi connection automatically, but the device has to be connected to the Internet for that to happen.

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