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Your mother was right: You really should eat more vegetables. The vast majority of vegetables provide plenty of vitamins and minerals along with a good dose of fiber and very few calories. As you can see, most vegetables even have a low-glycemic load (with a few exceptions).

You can definitely be creative in including more vegetables in your diet. Try preparing omelets with leftover cooked vegetables or whipping up vegetable-based soups for lunch. Making veggies a part of every meal is really easier than you may think.

Food Type Portion Size Glycemic Load
Asparagus 1/2 cup Low
Baked potato 5 ounces High
Black olives 5 olives Low
Broccoli 1 cup Low
Canned pumpkin 3 ounces Low
Carrots 1 medium carrot Low
Cauliflower 3/4 cup Low
Celery 2 stalks Low
Cherry tomatoes 5 tomatoes Low
Enchilada sauce 1/4 cup Low
Green cabbage 1 cup Low
Green chiles 1 chile Low
Green onions 2 onions Low
Instant mashed potatoes 1/2 cup Medium
Italian canned tomatoes 1/2 cup Low
Kale 1 cup Low
Lettuce 1 cup Low
New potatoes 4 small potatoes Medium
Onions 1/2 medium onion Low
Orange bell peppers 3 ounces Low
Parsnips 1/2 cup Medium
Peas 1/2 cup Low
Portobello mushrooms 1/2 cup Low
Red bell peppers 3 ounces Low
Red skin potatoes, boiled or mashed 5 ounces Medium
Roasted red peppers (from a jar) 1/4 cup Low
Salsa 2 tablespoons Low
Shiitake mushrooms 3 small mushrooms Low
Snow peas 1 cup Low
Spaghetti sauce 1 cup Medium
Spinach 1 cup Low
Sun-dried tomatoes 1 cup Low
Sweet corn 1/2 cup Medium
Sweet pickle relish 1 tablespoon Low
Sweet potato 1 small Medium
Tomatoes 1 tomato Low
Yam 1 small Medium
Yellow bell peppers 3 ounces Low
Zucchini 1/2 cup Low
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