Vermicomposting: Creating Compost with Worms

Vermicomposting, having worms break down table scraps and paper into nutrient-rich fertilizer, is an ideal way to deal with small amounts of household waste and is perfect for creating compost if you don't [more…]

How to Build Your Own Worm Composter

If you're interested in constructing a home for your composting worms instead of buying one, you can start with this simple double-decker design, which includes a built-in method for harvesting vermicompost [more…]

How to Compost with Worms

Vermicomposting is a composting method that employs certain worm species to consume and convert organic matter into a useful soil amendment and organic fertilizer. Provide moist bedding at all times for [more…]

How to Help Your Composting Worms Thrive

In addition to bedding and food, your composting worms need appropriate temperature, moisture, oxygen, and pH levels to thrive. Here are some basics for maintaining a healthy environment for your worms [more…]