The Essentials of Working with Folders in Mac OS X Lion

If you don’t understand how to open and save files by using the Open dialog and Save sheets or how to use the file and folder system, you’ll have a heck of a time getting the hang of your Mac. Ask any longtime Mac user; the old lament is pretty common: “Well, I saved the file, but now I don’t know where it went.” It happens all the time with new users; if they don’t master these essential techniques, they often become confused about where files are located on their hard drives.

How to Save a File in Mac OS X Lion

Saving a file in Mac OS X Lion works pretty much the same way in any application you use to create documents. This example uses TextEdit, but the process would be very similar in Microsoft Word, Adobe [more…]

Opening Files in Mac OS X Lion

Opening files on a modern Mac is pretty simple. You can open any icon in the Mac OS X Lion Finder, whether it’s a file or a folder, in at least six ways. [more…]

Viewing Files with the Quick Look Window in Mac OS X Lion

The Quick Look command in Mac OS X Lion displays the contents of the selected file in a floating window without launching an application. This Mac OS X Lion feature can be handy if you want to peek at [more…]

How to Assign a File Type to an Application in Mac OS X Lion

Sometimes, if your Mac doesn’t recognize a file type as something that one of its programs can handle, or if you want a specific file type to always open in a specific program, Mac OS X Lion might need [more…]

How to Organize Files with Subfolders in Mac OS X Lion

Folders in Mac OS X Lion work like manila folders in the real world. Their icons look like folders, like the one in the margin to the left; they can contain files or other folders, called [more…]

How to Create a New Folder in Mac OS X Lion

Think of creating new folders in Mac OS X Lion the same way you’d think of labeling a new folder at work for a specific project. New folders help you keep your files organized, enabling you to reorganize [more…]

Working with Spring-Loaded Folders in Mac OS X Lion

A spring-loaded folder pops open in Mac OS X Lion when you drag something onto it without releasing the mouse button. Spring-loaded folders work with all folder or disk icons in all views and in the Sidebar [more…]

Working with Smart Folders in Mac OS X Lion

Smart Folders let you save search criteria in Mac OS X Lion and then tell them to work in the background to reflect those criteria in real time. In other words, Mac OS X Lion Smart Folders are updated [more…]

Understanding the Mac OS X Lion Clipboard

The Mac OS X Lion Clipboard is a holding area for the last thing that you cut or copied. That copied item can be text, a picture, a portion of a picture, an object in a drawing program, a column of numbers [more…]

How to Copy Files and Folders in Mac OS X Lion

Sometimes you need to move or duplicate files and folders in Mac OS X Lion. One way to copy icons from one place to another is to use the Clipboard. When a file or folder icon is selected, choose Edit→Copy [more…]

How to Move Files and Folders in Mac OS X Lion

You can move Mac OS X Lion files and folders around within a window to your heart’s content as long as that window is set to icon view. Just click and drag any file's icon to its new location in the window [more…]

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