How to Get Started Blogging with Google's Blogger

Blogger is a free, fast, and easy-to-use blog publishing tool available from Google. Because getting started is so easy, Blogger helps you discover how blogging works without having to invest a lot of [more…]

How to Create Your First Blog Using Blogger

How to Use Blogger to Add a Link to Your Blog

One of the icons in Bloggerthat deserves special attention is the Link icon — the small globe icon with a link of chain on top of it. Use this option whenever you want to link to another blog, a news story [more…]

How to Use Blogger to Add an Image to Your Blog

One way to make your blog post more appealing is to include an image. Blogger has built-in tools for uploading a photograph or piece of artwork that’s already the right size and format for displaying on [more…]

How to Add Images from Other Web Sites to Your Blog

Blogger enables you to add an image from another Web site to your blog. If you have permission to use the image or if the image is in the public domain, you can create additional interest in your posting [more…]

How to Use Blogger Options before Publishing Your Blog

Before you publish your blog by clicking Blogger's orange Publish Post button, you can take advantage of several prepublishing features: preview, save as a draft, allow comments, or date and time settings [more…]