How to Train Your Dog to Sit

The Sit command is one of the simpler and yet most useful commands you can teach your dog. It gives you a wonderfully easy way to control your pet pooch when you need to keep him in one place. [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Stay

The Stay command is strongly linked with the Sit command — you rarely see a dog standing up and staying. So, a more accurate name for this command is the Sit and Stay command. Make sure your dog already [more…]

How to Release Your Dog with “Okay”

The point of a release word is to let your dog know that he can move now and is on his own time. “Okay” is the release word of choice for most dog trainers, although you’re free to choose a different release [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Lie Down

Your dog already knows how to lie down, she just needs to be taught to lie down on command. “Down” is the command to use when you want your dog to lie down in place, right now, and stay there until you [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Come When Called

A dog that doesn’t come when called is a prisoner of her leash and, if she gets loose, a danger to herself and others. Training your dog to come to you benefits everyone — including your dog, who can be [more…]

How to Train Your Dog to Leave It

The Leave It command protects you from having to deal with the nasty things your dog thinks are appropriate to pick up in his mouth and protects him from potentially dangerous nonedibles — or poisoned [more…]

How to Train Your Dog with Treats

The age-old question is “To treat or not to treat?” Training without treats can be done, but it’s not much fun, and in a life filled with daily responsibilities and stress, you may as well enjoy the process [more…]

How to Train Your Dog with a Clicker

A clicker is a small hand-held device that makes a sharp cracking sound when you press it. Pair this sound with a food reward — always — and you have a dog-training power that would make Pavlov proud. [more…]