How to Stay Safe Using MySpace Settings

Changing a few settings on your MySpace profile can add a level of protection to your MySpace account that goes a long way toward keeping all the Internet predators away from you and your loved one’s MySpace [more…]

How to Make Your MySpace Profile Private

You can use a private profile on MySpace to limit who can view your profile information; you can narrow it down to only the individuals listed in your Friend List. Your private profile then doesn’t allow [more…]

How to Avoid Predators on MySpace

Social networking on MySpace carries risks and responsibilities, which includes avoiding people who prey on others and cause problems. To stay safe on MySpace, you have to follow basic rules for your own [more…]

How to Cut Down on Spam in MySpace

You can manage MySpace spam by clicking the Spam link in the main Settings Account window to open the Settings: Spam window. Then use the following check boxes to turn certain MySpace spam options on and [more…]

How to Block MySpace Users

You can block other MySpace users so that the person can no longer contact you at all through MySpace. That means (s)he can’t comment your page — or send you any message that you actually receive. [more…]

How to Unblock MySpace Users

You can unblock MySpace users from your Blocked Users list — where you can see all the users you’ve blocked. So, if you change your mind about who you want to keep out of your MySpace space, you follow [more…]

How to Decide Who Can Become Your MySpace Friend

You’ll receive Friend Requests from MySpace users you know and other MySpace members you don’t know. Being able to decide whether you should accept the Friend Request and befriend the user is very important [more…]

How to Report MySpace Abuse

Whether it’s a message that you think is spam or a profile that has crossed the line between appropriate and inappropriate content, you need to report abuse to MySpace. MySpace is dedicated to making your [more…]