iLife ’11: Create and Play an iPhoto Slideshow

iPhoto slideshows look great on computer displays, and by using laptops to connect directly to video projectors, you can put on shows that are nothing like your grandfather’s slideshows. Not only do the [more…]

iLife ’11: Assembling Pictures for an iPhoto Slideshow

To choose photos for your iPhoto slideshow, you can browse and select thumbnails in the Viewer pane while browsing or select one or more events in Events, one or more locations in Places, or one or more [more…]

iLife ’11: Choosing Themes and Music for an iPhoto Slideshow

Choosing the right theme and music for your iPhoto slideshow sets the tone for your creation. In iPhoto, the first time you click the Slideshow tool to play an iLife slideshow of an album or a selection [more…]

iLife ’11: Changing Slideshow Playback Settings in iPhoto

In iPhoto, the first time you click the Slideshow tool to play an iLife slideshow of an album or a selection of pictures that hasn’t been played, the Themes, Music, and Settings browser appears. Click [more…]

iLife ’11: Exporting iPhoto Slideshows to iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV

If you have a laptop, iPad, iPod, or iPhone, you no doubt already appreciate the iPhoto slideshows you can show others on the spot. Life slideshows can appear horizontally [more…]

iLife ’11: Export an iPhoto Slideshow as a QuickTime Movie File

Exporting an iPhoto slideshow as a QuickTime movie file enables you to post the movie on a Web page or include it with other scenes in an iMovie presentation. [more…]

iLife ’11: How to Attach iPhoto Pictures to E-Mail

E-mail is a helpful way to send an image in iPhoto to one person or a thousand people at the same time. You can even combine several photos and images in one e-mail, if they’re small: E-mail servers typically [more…]

How to Share iPhoto Pictures with Flickr in iLife ’11

You can upload photos, images, and video clips to Flickr using the Safari browser on your Mac, but uploading pictures directly from iPhoto is far more convenient. To create a new album or to add photos [more…]

How to Share iPhoto Pictures with MobileMe in iLife ’11

You may already use MobileMe with your Mac and iLife applications — the service not only offers the iDisk hard drive on the Web for storing files but also pushes new e-mail, contacts, and calendar events [more…]

iLife ’11: How to Print Pictures from iPhoto

Printing pictures from iPhoto in iLife is just about the easiest thing you can do. When using a printer with iPhoto (as with most Mac applications), you can access page layouts and printer-quality features [more…]

iLife ’11: How to Order Prints from iPhoto

You can order, directly from iPhoto, prints that are of much higher quality than prints you can make with a color printer. All you need is an Apple Store or iTunes account. Select the size and quantity [more…]

iLife ’11: How to Make Photo Books in iPhoto

In iLife, iPhoto provides an automatic photo book layout capability that helps you assemble a book from a photo album, an event, or a selected set of pictures. You can then print the photo book on a color [more…]