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The Essentials of Sharing a Kitchen with Gluten

If your household includes some family members who cannot tolerate gluten and others who don't need or want to give up wheat and gluten-containing foods, you can manage your kitchen to serve everyone's diets successfully.

How to Stock a Gluten-Free Kitchen

If you or someone in your household is gluten-intolerant, you need to know what supplies to keep on hand in your gluten-free kitchen. Maintain a few specialty-made staples in the pantry for those days [more…]

How to Keep a Combined Gluten-Free and Gluten Kitchen

Keeping two kitchens — one normal, one gluten-free — is impractical for most families, so you have to get really good at separating foods that contain gluten from gluten-free foods. A person with celiac [more…]

How to Avoid Gluten Cross-Contamination in Your Kitchen

When you’re sharing a kitchen with gluten, gluten can contaminate (or glutenate?) your food in several ways. Crumbs seem to throw themselves off gluten-containing breads and other foods, turning perfectly [more…]

How to Use Kitchen Tools in a Gluten/Gluten-Free Kitchen

You don’t need to buy a separate set of pots, pans, tools, and utensils if you’re preparing gluten-free meals alongside foods with gluten, but you do need to pay attention to how you use the ones you have [more…]

The Solution for Toast in a Gluten/Gluten-Free Kitchen

If you’ve ever looked inside a toaster or toaster oven you know that they’re full of crumbs, some of which probably contain gluten if you’re sharing a kitchen with gluten. That means your gluten-free bread [more…]

How to Spread Bread the Gluten-Free Way

If you share your kitchen with gluten, you'll want to master the action of the gob drop — a critical maneuver to avoid contamination with crumbs that are not gluten-free. [more…]

Storing Gluten-Free Foods Separately

For the most part, you don’t need to have separate storage spaces for the gluten-containing and gluten-free foods unless you do so for convenience purposes. But if you have kids on a gluten-free diet and [more…]

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