Where to Keep Your Hives When Beekeeping

You can keep honey bees just about anywhere: in the countryside, in the city, in a corner of the garden, by the back door, in a field, on the terrace, or even on an urban rooftop. You don’t need a great [more…]

How to Identify the Basic Woodenware Parts of a Beehive

Woodenware refers to the various components that collectively result in the beehive. Traditionally these components are made of wood, but some manufacturers offer synthetic versions of these same components [more…]

How to Order Beehive Kits and Parts

Beekeepers use all kinds of fantastic tools, gadgets, and equipment. Quite frankly, part of the fun of beekeeping is putting your hive together and using the paraphernalia that goes with it. The makings [more…]

How to Add Feeders to Your Beehive

Feeders are used to offer sugar syrup to your bees when the nectar flow is minimal or nonexistent. They also provide a convenient way to medicate your bees [more…]

Choosing Tools and Accessories for Your Beehive

All kinds of gadgets, gizmos, and doodads are available to the beekeeper. Many different mail order establishments offer beekeeping supplies, and a number of excellent ones are now on the Internet. Some [more…]

How to Obtain Your Initial Bee Colony

You’ll need some bees if you’re going to be a beekeeper. But where do they come from? You have several different options when it comes to obtaining your bees. Some are good; others are not so good. Here [more…]

What to Do the Day Your Bees Arrive

You may not know the exact day that your honey bees will arrive, but many suppliers at least let you know the approximate day they plan to ship your package bee colony. [more…]

How to Put Your Bees in the Hive

As a new beekeeper, one of your first steps is actually putting your bees in their new hive. Take your time and enjoy the experience. You’ll find that the bees are docile and cooperative. Read the instructions [more…]

How to Create a Second Bee Colony From Your Existing Beehive

You can create a second colony from your existing colony. You don’t even have to order another package of bees! Free bees! Ah, but here’s the dilemma! You’ll need a new queen for your new colony. Strictly [more…]

How to Combine Two Bee Colonies into One Hive

It’s better to go into the winter with strong bee colonies; they have a far better chance of making it through the stressful cold months than do weak ones. If you have a weak hive, you can combine it with [more…]

Setting Up an Observation Beehive

An observation bee hive is a small hive with a glass panel that enables beekeepers to observe a colony of bees without disturbing them or risking being stung. Such hives usually are kept indoors but provide [more…]