Understanding Services in Cloud Computing

When you have some of the background on what it means to take a service-oriented approach to architecting technology systems, you can begin to see the relationship between SOA and cloud computing. Services [more…]

Administering Cloud Computing Services

When managing cloud computing services, a company has to ask itself many questions about the various services’ effectiveness. The administrators must know if the performance is at the right level, and [more…]

Identifying Cloud Computing Hardware

Costs for your cloud computing data center hardware will vary dramatically depending on the type of workloads you support. Data storage is an excellent example of this variation. When your company is establishing [more…]

How to Work with a Service Provider in Cloud Computing

Many types of cloud computing service providers are required to provide management services. The cloud provider has to make sure that it has a well-designed management infrastructure so that all of its [more…]

Comparing Cloud Computing Services-Led Technology Companies

The services components (internal or partners) of services-led technology vendors have developed best practices over thousands of engagements and all this experience is brought to the forefront of each [more…]

Comparing Systems Integrators Companies for Cloud Computing

Creating a cloud strategy is a complicated process. A cloud infrastructure needs a well-defined architecture or it can’t scale and won’t be manageable. Do you need lots of help with cloud strategy development [more…]

Comparing Technology Enabler Companies in Cloud Computing

Just about any technology company that offers solutions for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), service management, security, testing, storage, virtualization, and network management [more…]

Understanding IaaS in Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) refers to the renting of computer hardware (servers, networking technology, storage, and data center space) instead of buying and installing it in your own data center [more…]

Renting Infrastructure in Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the delivery of computer hardware (servers, networking technology, storage, and data center space) as a service. You also can expect it to include the delivery of [more…]

Understanding PaaS in Cloud Computing

There are many ways to approach cloud computing, depending on what business problem you’re trying to solve. When organizations are looking for capacity on demand, they often look to [more…]

Working with Enabling Technologies as a Platform in Cloud Computing

No matter what type of Platform as a Service (PaaS) you’re investigating, some technologies are needed to supplement these cloud computing platforms. There are too many emerging technologies or vendors [more…]

What is SaaS in Cloud Computing?

Today, Software as a Service (SaaS) is the most mature area of cloud computing. SaaS gained initial traction with the customer relationship management [more…]

Examining the Types of SaaS Platforms in Cloud Computing

Because Software as a Service (SaaS) has been around longer than most other types of cloud computing, hundreds, if not thousands, of companies are trying to become leaders. It costs a lot of money initially [more…]

Understanding the Economics of SaaS in Cloud Computing

The economics of the Software as a Service (SaaS) market in cloud computing are different than the traditional perpetual license software model. In the perpetual license model, the customer pays for the [more…]

Understanding the Ecosystem of SaaS in Cloud Computing

When Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors become well-established brands in the market, they attract an ecosystem (a set of partners that works directly with a key vendor, both in technical and go-to-market [more…]

Understanding Packaged SaaS in Cloud Computing

What Software as a Service companies are out in the market today selling packaged software for cloud computing that you should look at? It isn’t as straightforward as it might sound. This is a dynamic [more…]

Understanding Collaboration as a Service in Cloud Computing

In the future, companies are likely to offer unified communications (an integration of telephony, instant messaging, and e-mail) as a service for cloud computing. Collaboration is one of the natural markets [more…]