Photographing Birds Using Your Digital SLR

You can capture interesting images of birds large and small with your digital SLR. You just need a bit of patience and some knowledge of the bird you want to photograph. A bird feeder is an ideal place [more…]

Photographing Nature Using Your Digital SLR

Whether you’re surrounded by desert or forest, you and your digital SLR camera can capture great nature shots. The trick is to find the detail that makes the picture pop. [more…]

Photographing Landscapes Using Your Digital SLR

Landscape photography done right is stunning. Your digital SLR can capture the mystery and grandeur of a place for an image worth framing. Your vantage point and the way you compose the photograph go a [more…]

Photographing Sunrise Using Your Digital SLR

The rising sun bathes the sky in wonderful hues of orange, pink, and violet. Capturing them with your digital SLR is a matter of setting up your camera and yourself properly. Don’t go out just before the [more…]

Photographing the Beach at Sunset Using Your Digital SLR

The hour before sunset is known as “Golden Hour,” and is a great time to position your digital SLR for some glorious sunset shots. Clouds are bathed in wonderful hues of orange, pink, and purple. Add a [more…]

Photographing the Night Sky Using Your Digital SLR

Although sunset photos are attention-getters, you and your digital SLR can get great shots of the night sky after the sun goes down. The trick is to find a great spot with next to no ambient light from [more…]

Photographing Nature Up-Close Using Your Digital SLR

Whether you want images of gorgeous flowers, interesting insects, or natural microcosms, your digital SLR can help you capture nature up close and personal. Whether you’re walking in a city park or hiking [more…]

How to Photograph Bodies of Water Using Your Digital SLR

Bodies of water are great subjects for photographers. With your digital SLR, you can photograph big bodies of water (oceans), small bodies of water (ponds and streams), and medium-sized bodies of water [more…]