How to Make a Molded Candle for Christmas

Homemade gifts are always appreciated. This basic molded candle is an inexpensive gift idea and even better, you can customize the candle colors and scents with your recipients in mind. Why not start a [more…]

How to Make Hand-Milled Soaps

Scented homemade soaps make great Christmas gifts. If you prefer not to use caustic chemicals while making soap, then hand-milled soaps are your answer. The only special tool that you really need is a [more…]

Making Soap with Layered Colors and Scents

Homemade soaps of layered colors and scents make wonderful gifts — especially if they've been custom-designed for the recipient. In a layered soap, you alternate colors and scents, all in the same bar. [more…]

How to Embed Items into Homemade Soap

Making soap for Christmas can be a creative endeavor. You can embed objects in your soaps to make them really special. Embedded soaps look like a million bucks, but this gift fits even a small budget. [more…]

How to Make Scented Bath Oils

Homemade bath oil is a simple gift idea that's easy on the budget. Vary scents and colors to please different friends; combine the bath oil with bath salts and massage oil to make a complete gift basket [more…]

How to Make a Spa Gift Basket

You can make gift baskets filled with scented bath items to give as gifts to family and friends at Christmas time. Consider making bath salts and massage oils; both are great gift ideas. Simple instructions [more…]

How to Make a Beautiful Floral Bow

Make your own floral bows (florist bows) to save money and to add a custom look to Christmas wreaths, garlands, and gifts. Tying floral bows isn’t difficult; if you can make loops, you can make beautiful [more…]