The Glycemic Index and Weight Loss

The glycemic index is a tool you can use as part of your overall weight-control and healthy-eating strategies. What does every traditional weight-loss diet have in common? Each one promotes its own twist [more…]

Keys to Success for a Glycemic Index Diet

When you’re on a glycemic index diet, you can forget the traditional food lists and stringent calorie requirements. The low-glycemic way of eating isn’t a diet in the traditional sense — it’s a lifestyle [more…]

Benefits of a Low-Glycemic Diet

Research continues to accumulate showing the health benefits of eating a low-glycemic diet. At this point, health professionals see the value in following a low-glycemic diet, along with other healthy [more…]

Defining Low-, Medium-, and High-Glycemic Foods

Determining whether a food is high- or low-glycemic is pretty straightforward. The glycemic index is broken into high-, medium-, and low-glycemic foods. High-glycemic-index foods have the quickest blood [more…]

Carbohydrates and the Glycemic Index

Carbohydrates are a big topic in the world of weight loss and a glycemic index diet. Numerous diets call for modifying your carbohydrate intake in some way. The problem is, not all carbs are created equal [more…]

How to Control Food Cravings with a Low-Glycemic Diet

Food cravings occur for many reasons, both physiological and psychological, but one core cause of food cravings is erratic blood glucose levels. When your body’s blood glucose levels go through high spikes [more…]

Choosing Foods for Weight-Loss on a Low-Glycemic Diet

If you want to keep your body working at peak performance to ensure an increased metabolism, improved health, and success with long-term weight loss, then you need to make the foods you eat work for you [more…]

Combining Low-Glycemic Foods with Calorie Awareness

Following a low-glycemic diet isn't a stand-alone solution for weight loss. Like it or not, you still need to pay attention to the amount of calories you take in each day. [more…]

How to Adopt Healthy Habits for a Low-Glycemic Diet

Experiencing long-term weight loss on a low-glycemic diet means creating some new dietary habits. That's right, habits. Try not to look at this diet as a temporary plan; if you do, be prepared for weight [more…]