Keeping the Baby's Nursery Green

Keeping an eye on what you put in a baby's room can not only help protect the environment, but can protect your child from harmful chemicals as well. Using natural and organic materials whenever possible [more…]

Diapers: Cloth versus Disposable

Whether to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers is thebig question for prospective parents, especially for those with green leanings.

On the pro side of disposables, they’re easy; on the con side, they [more…]

How to Choose Green Toys

Thanks to the growing green movement and the Internet, finding toys that fit an environmentally friendly lifestyle is much easier than it used to be. Although you don’t want to cut off your children from [more…]

How to Introduce Kids to a Green Lifestyle

The most effective way to teach your children to live a green lifestyle — with care and consideration for the environment, animals, and people with whom they share the world — is to live that green lifestyle [more…]

How to Involve Children in Green Choices

Teaching children to live a green lifestyle can set the stage for a greener future for all. And it doesn't have to be difficult. Children like to be able to teach their parents a thing or two, so give [more…]

Green Projects for Students

The ultimate goal of making schools eco-friendly is to get the children involved in projects that help build a greener community. If the school uses renewable energy, recycles, and composts food waste, [more…]

Green School Supplies

Just as you buy eco-friendly supplies for your home, make the same commitment when it comes to school supplies. When the kids go back to school, make sure that what they carry in their schoolbags is as [more…]

How to Get to School the Green Way

Green education starts before children even arrive at school when you choose eco-friendly transportation to get to and from the classroom. In some cases, of course, it’s necessary for children to take [more…]

How to Make School Lunches Eco-Friendly

School lunches can be a controversial issue as the government worries about the rising levels of childhood obesity, schools worry about funding for meals, and you worry about your child getting healthy [more…]

How to Throw a Green Party

Every big life event — birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, and religious festivals — deserves to be marked in an appropriate way. Celebrate in a way that’s green, and you extend your focus on [more…]