Knitting Cables

The simple technique of cabling (crossing one group of stitches over another) lends itself to many interpretations in knitting. It's easy to do, you can make all kinds of interesting and imaginative cable [more…]

How to Knit Standard Cable Stitch (Rope Cable)

Standard cable stitch (or rope cable) is a basic knitting stitch that looks like twisted rope. The cables have the same number of plain rows between turning rows as there are stitches in the cable. If [more…]

How to Knit a Double Cable (Horseshoe Cable)

A double cable (or horseshoe cable) looks intricate but is easy to knit. Try knitting this sample panel of double cable. The panel is 18 stitches (the cable is 12 stitches wide with 3 set-up stitches on [more…]

How to Knit the Two-Stitch Twist Cable

The two-stitch twist cable is easy to work and can stand-in for 2x2 ribbing. With the two-stitch twist cable, you knit with a slightly unorthodox technique that allows you to work without a cable needle [more…]

How to Knit a Four-Stitch Cable

Four-stitch front and back cables are knit cables small enough to be used as an allover pattern without overwhelming the knitted piece. Four-stitch front [more…]

How to Knit a Six-Stitch Cable

Knitting six-stitch cables is similar to four-stitch cables. You can knit a six-stitch left-twisting cable (abbreviated C6F) and a six-stitch right-twisting cable [more…]

How to Knit a Braid Cable

When you knit a basic braid cable, it'll look like three knitted strands that are braided. Knitting braid cable looks hard, but it's really not. Practice by knitting this sample panel of braid cable. The [more…]

How to Knit a Wave Cable

A wave cable knit pattern consists of a panel of 12 stitches (the wave cable itself is 6 stitches wide). This cable gets its appearance from crossing inconsistently — to the right on one turning row and [more…]

How to Knit a Chain Cable

A chain cable is just two wave cables that move in opposite directions and line up side by side. This sample chain cable panel consists of 14 stitches; the chain cable itself is 8 stitches wide. [more…]

How to Knit an Open Cable

The open cable stitch is sometimes called the traveling cable stitch. To make open cables, you use basic cabling techniques and cross stitches over the background. To work an open cable, you simply cross [more…]