How to Use a Mouse with Mac OS X Lion

Are you new to the Mac and just figuring out how to move the mouse around? Now is a good time to go over some fundamental stuff that you need to know for just about everything you’ll be doing on a Mac [more…]

Navigating the Help Menu in Mac OS X Lion

One of the best features about all Macs is the excellent built-in help, and Mac OS X Lion doesn’t cheat you on that legacy: This system has online help in abundance. When you have a question about how [more…]

Navigating the Finder in Mac OS X Lion

The Finder is the program that creates the Desktop, keeps track of your files and folders, and is always running. Just about everything you do on your Mac in OS X Lion begins and ends with the Finder. [more…]

Navigating Windows in Mac OS X Lion

Windows are a ubiquitous part of using a Mac. When you open a folder in OS X Lion, you see a window. When you write a letter, the document that you’re working on appears in a window. When you browse the [more…]

Using Scroll Bars in Mac OS X Lion

One way to see more of what’s in a window or pane on a Mac is to scroll through it. Scroll bars appear at the bottom and right sides of any window or pane in OS X Lion that contains more stuff — icons, [more…]

Working with Dialogs in Mac OS X Lion

Dialogs are special windows that pop up over the active window in Mac OS X Lion. You generally see them when you select a menu item that ends in an ellipsis [more…]

Working with Windows in Mac OS X Lion

Although Mac OS X Lion windows are similar to windows you’ve used in other versions of Mac OS, they have some new wrinkles. To start peering into windows on your Mac, first you need to know how to open [more…]

Navigating the Apple Menu in Mac OS X Lion

On the far left side of the Mac OS X Lion menu bar sits a little apple symbol, which, if you click it, actually displays a menu. No matter what Mac OS application is active, the apple menu is always available [more…]