How to Set up File Sharing in Mac OS X Lion

Macintosh file sharing enables you to use files, folders, and disks from other Macs on a network — any network, including the Internet — as easily as though they were on your own local hard drive. If you [more…]

How to Set Access and Permissions Preferences in Mac OS X Lion

Macintosh file sharing (and indeed, Mac OS X Lion as well) is based on the concept of users. You can share items with no users, one user, or many users, depending on your needs and what you tell your Mac [more…]

How to Create Users in Mac OS X Lion

People who share folders and drives in Mac OS X Lion (or your Mac) are users. A user’s access to items on your local hard drive is entirely at your discretion. You can configure your Mac so only you can [more…]

How to Change or Remove a User in Mac OS X Lion

When working with user accounts and file sharing in Mac OS X Lion, circumstances might dictate that you need to change a user’s identity, password, or accessibility, or perhaps delete a user. Follow these [more…]

How to Limit the Capabilities of a User in Mac OS X Lion

Sometimes you want to limit what users of your computer can access in Mac OS X Lion. For example, you might want to make certain programs off limits. You do this by clicking the Parental Controls button [more…]

Understanding Mac OS X Lion Folder Permissions

As you might expect, folder permissions in Mac OS X Lion control who can use a given folder or any disk (or partition) other than the startup disk. You can set permissions for the folder’s owner, a subset [more…]

Sharing a Folder in Mac OS X Lion

Suppose, while using Mac OS X Lion, you have a folder you want to share, but it has slightly different rules than those set up for the Public folder, for the Drop Box folder within the Public folder, or [more…]

Taking Advantage of Useful Permissions Settings in Mac OS X Lion

When working with and setting folder permissions in Mac OS X Lion, you can combine permissions for a folder. You’ll probably find one option that fits the way you work and the people you want to share [more…]

How to Connect to a Shared Folder on a Remote Mac with Mac OS X Lion

You can access folders remotely from another computer with Mac OS X Lion. (Just make sure first that you have the correct administrative permissions to it.) File sharing must be activated on the Mac where [more…]

How to Change Account Passwords in Mac OS X Lion

You can change your Mac OS X Lion user password at any time. Changing your password is a good idea if you’re concerned about security — for example, if there’s a chance your password has been discovered [more…]