How to Start an iMovie Video Project in iLife '11

In iLife, to edit video scenes into a movie to share with others, you first create a project in the iMovie Project Library and edit the project in the Project Browser. The project defines a sequence of [more…]

How to Crop and Rotate an iMovie Video Clip in iLife '11

You can crop a photo — cut away the outer edges of the image to bring the center of it to the forefront. You can do the same with video: Use iMovie in iLife to crop the image in a clip to get rid of something [more…]

Make Audio and Video Adjustments to iMovie Video Clips in iLife '11

In iMovie for iLife, you can adjust the audio in video clips, especially ones that are louder or softer than others, so that they sound better when included in a project. You can also adjust the video [more…]

How to Trim iMovie Video Project Clips in iLife '11

Most of the work of producing a video consists of editing the project clips to make them more interesting or more effective at communicating. You may want to “tighten up” the project clips in iMovie so [more…]

Add iPhoto Images to iMovie Video Projects in iLife ’11

When you add photos from your iPhoto library to your iLife video project, iMovie automatically applies the Ken Burns pan and zoom effects, to make it appear that the camera is sweeping across the image [more…]

How to Add Video Effects to iMovie Projects in iLife '11

Ever since movies such as Star Wars, people expect to see special effects — so much so that it sometimes takes a special effect to get their attention. Not everyone can be as inventive as George Lucas, [more…]

How to Speed, Slow, and Reverse iMovie Video Clips in iLife '11

In iLife, iMovie offers Slow Motion, Fast Forward, and Instant Replay options on its Clip menu. To use these options, select the video clip in the Project Browser, choose File→Optimize Video, and then [more…]

Add Transitions Between iMovie Video Project Clips in iLife '11

A transition provides a seamless way for one clip to end and another to begin. Movies and professionally produced television shows typically use nothing but a simple cut from one clip to the next, but [more…]

How to Edit iMovie Video Transitions in iLife '11

In iLife, iMovie offers a few different ways to edit transitions, and the edits available to you may depend on the transition itself. To change the length of a transition or to select a different one, [more…]

How to Add a Title to an iMovie Video Project in iLife '11

All movies should have titles. Even Untitled is a good title. Titling gives you the chance to be witty, even in a vacation video. iMovie simplifies the making of titles and credits. After choosing a theme [more…]

Add Music and Sound Effects to iMovie Video Projects in iLife '11

Music and sound effects are useful for triggering excitement, surprise, or humor. iMovie offers a long list of sound effects organized by folder. Here are a few techniques you’ll find handy as you work [more…]

Using iLife '11: How to Control Volume and Fading on iMovie Video Projects

With iLife video projects, you can control the volume and fading for a voice-over, sound effect, or music clip directly in the iMovie Project Browser. Click the Audio Waveform button in the lower right [more…]