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The Essentials of Day 5 of Your Ten-Minute Tone-Up

Lose weight and improve your fitness level with this Ten-Minute Tone-Up program. You should see results in 30 days. Day 5 exercises target you stomach, lower back, and upper arms. On alternate days, you can do cardio work. A sensible diet will help your efforts to tone up your body.

How to Choose a Health Club

Choosing a health club for your exercise needs can be complicated. Some cities don’t have many health clubs to choose from, while others seem to have one on every corner. Whether it’s a hoity-toity spa [more…]

How to Trim Your Waistline by Working the Oblique Muscles

If getting trimming your waistline is a New Year’s resolution, you aren’t alone. Working the oblique muscles is sure to tone your waist quickly. However, many people do side bends with a weight in each [more…]

How to Trim Belly Flab with the Lower Abs Lift

Both men and women struggle continuously, for obvious aesthetic reasons, to lose their flab, accusingly called a gut or beer belly. You can bust that beer belly in a minimum amount of time if you eat a [more…]

How to Strengthen Your Lower Back with the Pelvic Tilt

If you have lower-back pain, then try the Pelvic Tilt exercise to boost lower back stability and flexibility. The Pelvic Tilt is a tiny move that works the abdominals and hamstrings in its action. [more…]

How to Tone Up Your Biceps with Seated Curls

As part of your new workout routine, add the Seated Same-Time Biceps Curl exercise. These curls will help tone and tighten that upper arm flab. You work both arms at once while you're seated. [more…]

How to Tone Up Triceps with the Over-the-Head Move

Target flabby arms by exercising your biceps and triceps equally. The Over-the-Head is an effective triceps move that helps build strong arms. Not only will your arms look better, but strong arm muscles [more…]

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