How to Crochet a Gauge Swatch

Crochet a gauge swatch to keep stitches consistent and the size of your design on track. When you work crochet the gauge swatch, work the stitches according to the instructions in the pattern. Crochet [more…]

How to Choose Yarn for Your Project

When choosing yarn, remember that yarns, garment shapes, and stitch patterns must work together for a successful knitting or crochet project. Choosing yarn can be hard when there are so many yarn selections [more…]

How to Read Crochet Abbreviations

Most crochet stitches appear as abbreviations to save space on the written instructions. For example, you’ll see the abbreviation dc instead of double crochet [more…]

How to Follow a Stitch Diagram in Crochet

Following a stitch diagram in crochet isn't that scary once you understand the symbols and abbreviations. When you read a crochet pattern, the stitch diagram shows only a few rows to avoid repetition and [more…]

How to Start the Yarn on a Crochet Hook

Knowing how to start the yarn on a crochet hook is your first step to crocheting. To start the yarn on a crochet hook, you first wrap the yarn around your yarn hand and then create a slip knot on your [more…]

How to Crochet a Row

Going back and forth may not get you places in real life, but it sure does when you’re crocheting in rows. When you crochet rows, you need to turn your work, make your turning chain, and start back across [more…]

How to Turn Crochet Work

To turn crochet work around so that you can start a new row of stitches, keep the last loop on your crochet hook and simply take the completed work, which should be positioned under your hook hand, and [more…]

How to Fasten Off Yarn in Crochet

When you get to the end of your crochet design and you’ll need to fasten off the yarn. Fastening off crochet is a fancy way to say “cut the yarn and secure it.” You also need to fasten off one color to [more…]

How to Border with Single Crochet Ribbing

Single crochet ribbing is a long strip of very short vertical single crochet rows. Because these rib rows will lay perpendicular to the rows in the body of the finished sweater, you normally make the ribbing [more…]

How to Spray-Block Knitting or Crochet

Spray block a knitted or crocheted piece to smooth out all the uneven stitches and to straighten wavy, rolling edges. When you spray block knitting or crochet, you use a spray bottle to wet down the piece [more…]

How to Wet-Block Knitting or Crochet

When you wet-block a piece of knitting or crochet, you wet it and coax it into its final shape. To wet block your knitting or crochet, you get it completely wet in a sink or basin of water. Have a large [more…]

How to Measure a Gauge Swatch

In knitting and crochet, accuracy counts when measuring your gauge swatch. Before you measure your gauge swatch, wash and block it, if that's what you'd do for the completed project. Next, smooth out the [more…]