Answering the Right Questions When You Review Diet Programs

After you consider the different types of diet programs and find one that you think may work for you, make an appointment to visit one of that program’s centers for a personal interview. Take along the [more…]

Weight Loss through Long-Term Diet Plan Best for Good Health

Going on and off fad diets or quick weight-loss gimmicks is often the result of trying to lose weight for appearances more than health. If you repeatedly lose and gain, then changing your focus to maintaining [more…]

Looking at Low-Carbohydrate Diets and How They Really Work

Proponents of low-carbohydrate diets claim that many people are “allergic” to carbohydrates or are insulin resistant and gain weight when they eat them. They say a diet that restricts carbohydrates forces [more…]

Consider Commercial Meal-Plan Diets for Healthy Weight Loss

Weight-loss programs based on meal plans can be good options for people who have trouble sticking to a diet plan on their own. The Journal of the American Medical Association has concluded that the structure [more…]

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plans Moderate Health Risks

Some diet plans require medical supervision because they involve rapid weight loss that can stress your body. For example, a complication of some of the very low calorie diet [more…]

Nondiet Programs and Support Groups for Healthy Weight Loss

Often, dieters must face why they eat the way that they do. If you could use some peer support while trying to lose weight — but don’t require a regimented diet plan or the services of program-provided [more…]

Dieting with Liquid Meals and Diet Bars for Weight Loss

Over-the-counter liquid and bar meal replacement products contain nutrients that your body needs, but these manufactured meals aren’t a good choice for [more…]

Diets with High Fiber and Low Calorie Content

The thinking behind these high-fiber, low-calorie diets is that because fiber can’t be digested, it doesn’t have calories. This is true. And because it takes up so much room in the stomach, it’s filling [more…]

Diets That Help You Get — and Stay — Well

Some foods and some diet plans are so good for your body that no one questions their ability to provide proper nutrition and keep you healthy or make you feel better when you’re ill. [more…]

Online Weight Loss Diet Programs That Can Work

The biggest news for diet help is online access to weight loss programs. Two studies (2001 and 2003) in the Journal of the American Medical Association [more…]