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The Essentials of Building a Web Site with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

With Mac OS X Snow Leopard, building your own Web site is easy. Snow Leopard provides the iWeb application, which lets you create a new site, add pages to an existing Web site, and edit content that already exists on your Web site.

How to Use Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s iWeb Window

Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes the iWeb application to make creating a Web site easy. All of iWeb’s features and controls fit into a single window. From the main iWeb window, you can build your Web pages [more…]

How to Plan Pages for Your Web Site in iWeb

iWeb is the Web site creation and editing application included with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Every properly designed Web site has a purpose: to inform, to entertain, or to provide downloads or contact information [more…]

How to Create a New iWeb Site in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

When you open Mac OS x Snow Leopard's iWeb application for the first time, it creates a new Web site for you. You can rename and modify this default site to your heart’s content. In fact many people create [more…]

How to Add a New iWeb Page to Your Mac OS X Snow Leopard Web Site

Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s iWeb application makes it easy to add pages to your Web site. For example, you might want to add Photo and About Me pages to a new site. After you add them, you can edit them. [more…]

How to Edit Text on an iWeb Page in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

If you have an iWeb Web site, you’ll want to personalize your pages with your own information. Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s iWeb makes editing your page easy. To begin editing a page, click it in the Site Organizer [more…]

How to Change Images on Your iWeb Site

After you create your Web site and fill it with pages using iWeb — Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Web site creation and editing application — you can easily replace or resize images. If your page includes photographs [more…]

How to Add Elements to Your Web Page with iWeb

Snow Leopard’s iWeb application lets you design full-featured Web sites. In addition to text and images, iWeb lets you add sounds, movies, links, buttons, and more. The list of extras you can add to your [more…]

How to Publish Your iWeb Web Site

After you finish with a new iWeb site, Mac Snow Leopard makes it easy to get your masterpiece on the Web. You can publish your site by using your MobileMe account or publish to a separate server maintained [more…]

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