Playing Grace Notes, Trills, and Glissandos on the Piano

Aside from the range of regular notes, composers occasionally enliven piano pieces with fancy note combinations that add a bit or interest and elegance to the music. Grace notes, trills, and glissandos [more…]

How to Use Piano Pedals

The two or three pedals on your piano help make your playing dynamic and interesting. Using the pedals adds to the ways you can dress up your music. [more…]

Piano Pedals: Getting Your Feet in on the Action

When you play the piano, your hands are busy on the keys, and your feet are called upon to work the pedals to control other aspects of the music. The various pedals allow you to achieve different effects [more…]

How to Articulate Your Piano Playing

The various ways to play a note on the piano are called articulations, often referred to as attacks.You use articulation to place an accent on certain notes or slur over other notes and generally add interest [more…]

How to Use Volume in Your Piano Playing

Volume is perhaps the most easily recognized and executed technique in bringing your piano playing to life. Varying degrees of volume give your piano music a different dynamic. And that’s exactly what [more…]

Combining Notes to Play Harmony on a Piano

To play harmony on a piano, you have to play two or more notes, some interval apart, at the same time. Try playing the notes of each interval — perfect, diminished, augmented, major, and minor — as shown [more…]

Playing the Blues Scale on a Piano

No matter what type of music you favor when you play the piano, you’re likely to play the blues scale at some point. You can hear it in rock, country, jazz, and of course . . . the blues. [more…]