How to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter

An animal shelter is a great place to go if you want to adopt a dog, but you can’t just waltz into most shelters and waltz out with a new puppy — they have rules about adoption. Animal shelters need certain [more…]

How to Pick Your Preference: Male or Female Dog?

For most people, the choice of whether to choose a male dog or a female dog comes down to personal preference. You should consider some differences, however, because even spaying and neutering doesn’t [more…]

Prepping the House for Your Puppy's Arrival

Prepping your home for a new puppy is much like setting up a nursery. Like formal preparations for bringing home a baby, readying the house before you get your puppy will take a load off your mind when [more…]

Things to Buy before Bringing Your Puppy Home

If you plan to get a new puppy (or just did), be sure to have the following essential items either before, or shortly after, you bring your puppy into its new home. [more…]

How to Introduce Dogs in the Same Household

In bringing home a new dog, your task is to carefully introduce your new canine companion to other pets in the household to prevent conflict among the animals. Making the right introductions can take some [more…]

How to Supply Essential Accessories for Your Dog

Dogs don’t require thousands of accessories, and you certainly don’t need to spend a fortune to equip your dog. However, to be able to manage and train your dog successfully, you need some basic items [more…]

Puppy Training: Stopping Nipping and Mouthing

Mouthing and nipping are two different issues. Mouthing is a lesser infraction; it's more of a communication skill to get you to do a particular thing. Less pressure, less annoying, but still not particularly [more…]

Why Remove a Dog's Dewclaw?

In some breeds, dog dewclaws may be removed to give the leg a smoother look. The risk of dewclaw injury also may prompt dewclaw removal. Dewclaws are unnecessary toes on the backs of dogs' legs. [more…]