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The Dutch Calendar

Part of the Dutch For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Knowing months and days is a major point on your Dutch list to learn. Here’s every day of the week and every month of the year listed with pronunciation.

Days (de dagen) (der dah-kern)

  • Monday maandag (maan-dakh)

  • Tuesday dinsdag (dins-dakh)

  • Wednesday woensdag (voons-dakh)

  • Thursday donderdag (don-der-dakh)

  • Friday vrijdag (fray-dakh)

  • Saturday zaterdag (zaa-ter-dakh)

  • Sunday zondag (zon-dakh)

Months (de maanden) (der maan-dern)

  • January januari (yan-nuw-aa-ree)

  • February februari (fay-bruw-aa-ree)

  • March maart (maart)

  • April april (a-pril)

  • May mei (may)

  • June juni (yuw-nee)

  • July juli (yuw-lee)

  • August augustus (ow-khuhs-tuhs)

  • September september (sep-tem-ber)

  • October oktober (ok-toa-ber)

  • November november (noa-fem-ber)

  • December december (day-sem-ber)

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