Here is some good advice for things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to using a computer in a sane and useful manner.

  • Do pay attention to the User Account Controls (UACs) in Windows Vista.

  • Do configure the firewall to allow local network traffic so that your computers can share hard drives and printers.

  • Do classify public wireless networks as Public whenever you make a connection.

  • Don’t open the PC’s case unless you first turn off and unplug the thing.

  • Do let recipients know beforehand when you send them programs as e-mail attachments.

  • Don’t run the Defrag utility on an SSD, a media card, or a thumb drive.

  • Don’t open unexpected e-mail attachments.

  • Don’t download unknown software from the Internet.

  • Do change the SSID for your wireless router.

  • Do remember that “stuff” happens.

  • Don’t blame yourself when the computer crashes.

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