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The Customer Service Cycle

Your business's customer service involves a cycle of activities. The customer service cycle starts before your business sales presentation and continues after the customer makes a purchase. Your business needs a customer service plan that follows this general path:

  1. Establish contact with a prompt, friendly greeting.

    Whether the prospect arrives via e-mail, phone, mail, or in person, your first response establishes an impression upon which all other contacts build.

  2. Build rapport.

    A marketing truth goes like this: People don’t buy because you make them understand. They buy because they feel understood. They also buy from people they like and feel a connection to, or from people they feel like they know. In the first few minutes with your prospect, establish a friendly relationship.

  3. Present your product.

    You want your product to seem like a high-value solution to your customer’s needs.

  4. Make the sale.

    Be sure to read a customer's buying signals and then close the deal.

  5. Complete the sales transaction.

    Make the process of payment completely efficient, a reinforcement of your company service, and a confirmation of the customer’s decision to buy from your business.

  6. Deliver the product.

    You also want to reaffirm the buying decision, offer to be of ongoing service, and invite future business.

  7. Monitor customer satisfaction and troubleshoot any issues that cause customer concern.

    Assess service satisfaction, confirm complete satisfaction (and if the customer isn't completely satisfied, see what you can do to change that), and ask for future business.

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