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The Best Mindfulness Websites

No matter whether you live within the United Kingdom or elsewhere, if you search for ‘mindfulness’ online, you’ll literally get millions of results. How can you tell the wheat from the chaff? Here are a few websites that you'll find helpful.

  • Mindful. This wonderful resource has lots of high-quality content from excellent mindfulness teachers. The website also produces a magazine that you can subscribe to.

    By visiting the site from time to time, you’re bound to learn some fresh mindfulness exercises, discover new benefits of mindfulness and maintain your enthusiasm to practise.

  • Mindfulness Research Guide. If you like to keep up-to-date with the latest research in mindfulness, this is the place for you. The website gives you a list of all the scientific research done on mindfulness, updated on a monthly basis. Check the site out if you’re scientifically inclined!

  • This website is a one-stop shop for information on mindfulness – everything from mindfulness research to courses. If you’re interested in learning about mindfulness from a practical perspective, this site is useful for you to look at.

    Mindfulnet. The website is full of links to other courses, teachers, workshops and retreats. The site is particularly good for information about mindfulness in the workplace, so take a look if you’re interested in being more mindful at work, or finding out ways of teaching others mindfulness in the workplace.

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