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Texting and Chatting in Italian

Every day, Italians send more than 167 million text messages, for a total of 60 billion texts annually. Texting and chatting in Italian means learning new grammar rules, a new vocabulary, and a peculiar system of signs — all of which are necessary to convey the rhythms of conversation to this new hybrid language. Get familiar with this new idiom, because you may need to communicate with text-addicted Italians.

Here's a list of the most common texting abbreviations, Italian-style:

  • m = mi (I, me)

  • t = ti (you)

  • xke = perché (why, because)

  • cmq = comunque (anyway)

  • bc = baci (kisses)

  • midi = mi dispiace (I'm sorry)

  • pfv = per favore (please)

  • d = da (from, since, of)

  • grz = grazie (thanks)

  • tn = tanto (a lot, much, long time)

  • k = chi (who, what)

  • c6 = Ci sei? (Are you there?)

  • qls = qualcosa (something)

  • + = più (more)

  • risp = rispondi (answer)

  • nn = non (no, not)

  • prox = prossima (next)

  • gg = giorno (day)

  • tvb = ti voglio bene (I love you)

  • ta = ti amo (I love you)

Test your text translation skills by trying to decipher the following message. Then try to craft an appropriate reply.

c6? nn t vedo + d tn! La prox volta risp pfv xke tvb e m manki! grz e bc
Ci sei? Non ti vedo più da tanto! La prossima volta rispondi per favore perché ti voglio bene e mi manchi! Grazie e baci.
Are you there? I haven't seen you for a long time! Next time, please answer my message because I love you and I miss you! Thanks and kisses.
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