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Tax reports and Rental Property reports are just two of several groups of reports into which Quicken 2012 arranges its reports. To see the reports in one of these groups, click the Reports command and then select the report group from the Reports menu.

Quicken Tax Reports
Report Description
Capital Gains Lists all the realized gains on individual investments you hold. (A capital gain occurs when an investment is worth more than you paid for it. When you sell the investment, you realize the gain.)
Schedule A-Itemized Deductions Lists and summarizes transactions that probably belong on your Schedule A tax form as itemized deductions: mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable contributions, and so on.
Schedule B-Interest And Dividends Lists and summarizes interest and dividend income transactions that need to be reported on your Schedule B tax form.
Schedule D-Capital Gains And Losses Lists and summarizes capital gain and loss transactions that need to be reported on your Schedule D tax form.
Tax Schedule Lists all transactions you’ve entered as tax-related and subtotals them by line item.
Tax Summary Lists all transactions you’ve described as falling into tax-related categories.
Quicken Rental Property Reports
Report Description
Schedule E Displays profit and loss data by property, which is what you need to complete the Schedule E tax form.
Cash Flow Summarizes rental property cash income and cash expenses for a specified time period.
Cash Flow Comparison Compares rental property category totals from two periods.
Tax Schedule Shows all the individual transactions for each rental property income amount and deduction amount reported on your Schedule E tax form.
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