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Many digital cameras offer a self-timer mechanism, which allows you to take a picture without having to press the shutter button on the camera yourself. The self-timer enables you to be part of the picture, too:


Set the camera to self-timer mode.

If your camera has this option, it should appear in the camera’s menu. Check your manual if you can’t find it.


Place your camera on a tripod (or other still surface).

You won’t be holding onto the camera, so something needs to support it!


Activate the self-timer mechanism.

For a lot of digital cameras, you simply press the shutter button to activate this mechanism. Consult your camera’s documentation to see whether this is true for your camera.


Move away from the camera.

If you want to make yourself part of the picture, be sure to move into the camera’s field of view before the self-timer runs out. After a few seconds, the picture is snapped automatically.

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